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More Than A Meme: Appreciate The Real MVPs

When players win awards and championships, or receive contract extensions and endorsement deals, something that most do--if not all--is give thanks. In 2014, Kevin Durant, then of the Oklahoma City Thunder, won the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award. During his acceptance speech, Durant thanked God, his teammates, coaches, family members, and organizational staff, among others. Most notably, it was when Durant deemed his mother "The Real MVP" that he was inducted into the meme and hashtag hall of fame.

But something got lost in the meme-mania and hashtag-craze surrounding Durant's emotional tribute to his mother: his genuine gratitude. Even though it was solely Durant's performance on the court that earned him the MVP honor, he acknowledged that without the role others played in his life, he would not be standing at that podium accepting the award.

We tend to overlook the importance of being thankful for what we have, how far we have come, and the help we have received along the way. Which makes sense; we live in a society where a person can never have enough of anything. A society focused on the lack of things and coveting what others have instead of appreciating the things already in our possession. What we focus on manifests and multiplies. When you focus on lack, you attract more lack. Yet, when you focus on what you have been blessed with, you will attract more blessings into your life.

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is key if you want to live the life you've always envisioned for yourself. By consistently being grateful for what you have, you are preparing yourself for the abundance of blessings that are destined to come your way.

Putting things into perspective, say someone helps you out when you are in need but the help you receive is not to the degree you initially desired. Hence, you are unappreciative. If you were to ask that same person for help again at a later date, do you really think they are going to be as willing to help you? Nah, bruh.

This same premise applies to everyday life. If you are not thankful for what you have or for the people in your life, then you are not opening yourself up to receive more blessings in the future. I mean, how can you really expect more if you are not appreciative for what you already have?

Every morning, I reflect on my life and write down in a journal what I am thankful for. By doing this, I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am which puts me in a better space for the day. I also make it a priority to regularly thank the people who have helped me and played a role in bettering my life.

When we give thanks, we are being drawn closer to God--the source of all of our blessings. A closer connection with God allows us to be more in tune with the creative powers within us. With a stronger realization of our creative powers, we are able to manifest into our lives the things we want.

There is nothing wrong with continually setting higher goals and trying to accomplish more than you already have. You should always aspire to be greater. However, it is important to be thankful for what you have while pursuing all that you want. When you regularly acknowledge what you have been blessed with, you set yourself up to receive bigger and better things.

So I ask each of you reading this entry to take a moment just to give thanks for all that you have. To take it a step further, I ask that you reach out to someone who has had a profound impact on you and tell them, "Thank you." These simple acts will not only bring you joy and fullness, but they can also do the same for others. Let the real MVPs know how appreciated they are. Such simple acts go much further than you could ever imagine.

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