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Consistency In The Midst of Volatility

It's the beginning of the second month in 2018, and I have just one question to ask you: How's that work towards your 2018 goals coming along? *Insert 3 sets of emoji eyes*

Last Friday, Vince Carter--better revered as "Vinsanity"--celebrated his 41st birthday. He is one of only two players from the 1998 NBA Draft--along with Dirk Nowitzki--who are still playing in the NBA. Now with the Sacramento Kings, Carter is also the oldest player in the NBA--and is, surprisingly, still productive.

I say surprisingly because this is the same person who convincingly won the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest and dunked over (yes, OVER) a 7'2 Frenchman that same summer during the 2000 Olympics. It's a sad reality but let's be honest, we don't see THAT type of athlete play in the NBA for very long (due to proneness to injury), let alone the 20 years and counting as Carter has done.

It requires another level of commitment and consistency to still be productive as a 40-year-old in an occupation dominated by outlandishly freakish 20-something-year-old athletes. Yes granted, he has altered his game and doesn't jump out of the gym anymore, but his career has outlasted virtually all of the players who entered the league with him and many who came after him.

So I gotta ask, what's your excuse? No, but really. We set these goals for ourselves and embark on these endeavors, just to give up on them when times get tough or simply because we "don't feel like it."

I say "we" because I'm certainly not exempt. There are times when I've had an "I'll do it tomorrow" moment. But what usually happens? Tomorrow comes, and that particular task is pushed back to the next day, and then to the next day, and then to the see where I'm going.

Take this blog for example. I have a full-time career, run a nonprofit organization, create daily content for the 'Shoot Your Shot' Instagram page, and try to write consistent, quality blog entries, all the while striving to live my best life through traveling, working out, spending time with loved ones, and resting.

It becomes a lot to juggle at times, but I've made the commitment to regularly contribute to this blog. And as much as I enjoy writing, I don't always feel like doing it. However, I pledged to remain consistent in my efforts. No one forced me to do this. I was the sole decision maker, thus, it is solely my responsibility to honor that pledge through consistency and commitment. I am reminded of this responsibility daily via a quote on my vision board that reads "consistency in the midst of volatility."

Things often change. We get bombarded with work, we lose inspiration, we're tired, we're frustrated, we have to deal with relationship and family issues, we have to handle pressing affairs. Life just sometimes gets in the way. Yet the fact of the matter is, for as long as we exist on this earth, stuff is going to happen. It's inevitable. Things will pop up.

Unfavorable events will occur. But you can't push your commitments to the side just because something is not necessarily going your way or you want to be lazy. Consistency is key if you want to realize the life that you've always envisioned for yourself.

So push through your circumstances and do what's required, even when you don't feel like it. Because, quite frankly, you're never really going to feel like doing it. Let's be real, other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who actually wants to do fasted cardio at 5am /6am when you could be getting an extra hour or two of sleep? Who really wants to eat lightly salted rice cakes instead of a piece of red velvet cake? Who wants to write a blog entry, or a book chapter, or a grant proposal after a long day at work dealing with your miserable boss? And who wants to read those chapters or study for that test when an award show is on and Twitter is popping? Nobody.

However, the work has to be done. As the old saying goes, you are what you repeatedly do. Form good habits. Be consistent in your efforts, regardless of how you feel and regardless of the circumstances you may face. Don't drift back into the vicious cycle of unproductivity, unhealthiness, and inconsistency. Rather, make the commitment to do at least one thing daily--no matter how insignificant the task may seem and no matter how you feel--that gets you closer to attaining your desired results. Little by little, a little becomes a lot--but only if you remain consistent in your efforts.

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